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Toward Smart and Resilient Cities

“Cities will become Smart and Resilient, using new technologies to build long term strategies, co-constructed with the private sector. Digital solutions aim to better understand and monitor challenges to improve Cities and Industries risk profile overtime. These mitigation solutions enable Cities to accomodate to sudden shocks (hurricanes, etc) and stresses, namely constant pressure on urban systems (aging or unreliable infrastructure, etc).”

“Copenhagen is one of the flagship example of the linkage between smart and resilience with the implementation by Veolia of flood forecasting and alert systems. Through digital tools, overflows were reduced from 100 to 10 per year, improving safety for all inhabitants by giving them access to real-time information.”

Thierry Witkowicz, Senior Vice President Business Development – Smart Cities & Business Partner France – Development, Innovation & Markets Department at Veolia


Hildagarde McCarville, Non-Executive Director at Veolia Energy Ireland Plc and CEO Veolia Netherlands



Resilient Cities for greater attractiveness

“Veolia considers resilience as a strategic approach to strengthen the socioeconomic attractiveness of the urban ecosystem. Through our agreement with the 100 Resilient Cities network, we give access to our network of experience and expertise and we assists authorities cities to identify their vulnerabilities, to transform their risks into opportunities.”

“New Orleans built the first Public-Private partnership on Resilience with Veolia and Swiss Re, working on a risk assessment of the wastewater treatment plan critical assets and their exposure to climatic events. This partnership aims to optimize prevention costs and reduce post-event losses, as well as the recovery period after a shock.”

Mélissa Mellado Ruiz, Resilience Deputy Director – Development, Innovation & Markets Department at Veolia


Smart City, a co-evolution model

“Faced with growing challenges related to aging infrastructure, urbanization and climate change, Cities and Utilities Operators need to allocate more resources on improvements and performance while maintaining or reducing their tariffs. The digital revolution provides cost-effective means for comprehensive management and cost optimization.”

“Veolia developed a digital platform that would be accessible to any  city, and reduce costs ten-fold. Several platforms, named Waternamics, for data collection and analysis have been launched by Veolia in the past 6 years in Lyon, Lille, Melbourne and other cities. Given the benefits generated by these platforms, averaging over 15% productivity improvements.”


Thierry Witkowicz, Senior Vice President Business Development – Smart Cities & Business Partner France – Development, Innovation & Markets Department at Veolia


Performance, the key for Smarter Cities

“Can Smart cities leverage transparency? Smart cities use digitalization as a mean to capture as much data as possible and make it accessible to the larger community. Digitalization helps improve transparency but… Are all the data consistent? Does it fit your need? Is your organization able to analyse it and be responsive ?”

Digitalization is the kingdom of data. Choosing the right data according to your needs is essential to leverage it. Connecting the data will give you valuable analytics to develop pro-activeness and responsiveness in your activities. With the help of Veolia, Lyon successfully digitalized its water operation. Will you be able to do so?

Eric Lesueur, CEO 2EI – Development, Innovation & Markets Department at Veolia

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