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Valencia is a lively city constantly growing and evolving. Valencia has approximately 800,000 inhabitants and has a prime strategic location, is in fact considered the main core of the Mediterranean Corridor. Indeed its strategic position has allowed it to be the first Spanish city in container traffic and the fifth European city in hosting international events.

The City Council of Valencia has developed a Smart City Strategy in coordination with the Local Covenant for Innovation, a common initiative that joins the main actors of the local system of R & D of Valencia (universities, research centres, business groups, the port, the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, and the Generalitat through the REDIT, among others) to coordinate and support initiatives to promote R & D.

Valencia has become the first Spanish city hundred percent intelligent thanks to the Smart City Platform (VLCi Platform) that integrates indicators of more than 50 municipal services to improve the quality of life of citizens, reduce municipal spending and improve efficiency. Since December 2015, Valencia has obtained the platinum certification of the World Council on City Data on 99 urban indicators.

Besides, this urban management platform is the first that uses Fiware in a city platform, the European open data standard recommended from the European Comission.

Smart City projects already implemented in Valencia City:

ELECTRONIC ADMINISTRATION – Valencia eGovernment Integrated Platform (PIAE)

PIAE enables the City of Valencia to process entirely electronically any administrative file throughout the life cycle, and it facilitates citizens a fully telematics connection with the administration, with full capacity to access information at any time. This platform has been developed with a deep modernization of the municipal administrative procedure; simplification and removal of administrative burdens; and change management on the daily chore of officials and politicians that has affected more than 3,000 people, and it concluded with a local administration 100% digital.

In the first year of implementation, PIAE has saved 170 M€ to the citizen, thanks to the time and resources savings, the elimination of paper or the advantages of not using vehicles to move paperwork between public buildings. Thanks to PIAE, Valencia can offer to the citizen an electronic office, launched in May 2012 (http://sede.valencia.es), available also in the municipal app “ValenciaApp”.

The results is that any person can access to a large number of eGovernment services with interoperability between other administrations, as well as having electronic representation for person to person or for company’s representation.

CITIZEN PARTICIPATION – Articulation of a participatory process for a Sustainable and Integrated Urban Strategy (DUSI)

The district of Cabanyal-Canyamelar-Cap de França is today one of the most outstanding urban ensembles of the city of Valencia. Historically, it has been a maritime district with a strong identity, and characterized by its own civic vitality and variety of its population traditions. Because it is a neighborhood with high heritage interest and because it has been subjected to aggression urban deterioration, the objective of the Strategy of Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development (DUSI) is to change it through a participatory process involving all types of citizen collectives to it, and applying energy efficiency measures, sustainable mobility, reduction of CO2 emissions, etc.

Citizen participation is manifested through a collaborative work where different communication channels opened, organizing citizens groups and sectorial meetings involving schools, community centers, sports centers, commercial associations, neighborhood associations, social platforms to regenerate the neighborhood as “Salvem el Cabanyal “or” Si volem “, representatives of the celebrations of the neighborhood, the church circles and political parties.

INNOVATION – Valencia urban laboratory for innovation

To this end, the city of Valencia in its Strategy Smart City Plan, is positioned as urban laboratory to facilitate testing of innovative initiatives in real environments of the city, where researchers, entrepreneurs, companies or public institutions can swiftly test their initiatives on the street and have feedback from end users and municipal responsibles.

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