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Trikke-logo-only-2013-219x70 (2)Individuality is essential for efficient mobility trough the city. LEV (light electric vehicles) offers a unique proposition: electric, light, fast, small and foldable. Trikke is leading the way with the Trikke EV, making green individual mobility available in the urban areas.

A market where competitors have yet little to offer, car manufacturers continue to make cars, the bicycle market is stationary and the moped/scooter market is stuck. What else? The Trikke electric vehicles are reasonably priced and overwhelmed by positive reactions from consumers, governments, businesses and the press!

Mission and Results

Trikke Europe aims to further develop and to position the Trikke EV in the top three of the market for personal sustainable transport in the city. The introduction of the Trikke EV in Europe in 2011 was a convincing success. Meanwhile, more than 2500 Trikke electric vehicles are sold in Europe. Trikke Europe is based in the Netherlands and maintains a network of dealers in Europe spread across practically all European countries.

Made in Holland

Since June 2013 the Trikke eV5 is fully assembled in The Hague and, from there sent out to all destinations in Europe. The Trikke EV is ‘Made in Holland’, an important aspect for product quality, service, cost and brand. Now we are introducing the eV6 that has been developed locally with parts and knowledge from Dutch and German companies, including TUV Nord to adapt it to German road regulations.

Use on public roads

In many European countries, the Trikke EV is allowed on public roads in accordance with the local laws and regulations as a bike or low powered and low speed (max 20km/h) electric moped/scooter. In Germany and the Netherlands the Trikke EV is tested and approved by the local authorities for use on public roads.

Since June 2013 Trikke Europe is member of the Dutch Standardization Institute (NEN) and on behalf of Netherlands, represented in a Working Group of the Central European standardization organization (CEN). This working group will produce a European standard for Light Electric Vehicles. This will lead to a EU-wide permission for our type of vehicles.


Urban transportation is generally seen as an increasing problem in the European cities. It’s about the load and stress on the (local) environment, traffic congestion and parking hassle. Meanwhile, a strong development is happening in the field of sustainable mobility. E-Mobility is seen and promoted as thé alternative transport with emphasis on hybrid and electric cars. The electric car provides an important contribution but will, however, increase the spatial problem in the city. Our ambition, the roll-out of the Trikke EV, is supported by the increasing sales, for years.


Individual transport: I-Mobility. Tailored transportation is essential for the efficient use of the (traffic) space in the city. Trikke offers a unique vehicle; light, fast and safe, appropriate to the need of mobility in the urban environment, for a lot of people. Commuting is a huge problem for millions of Europeans. But there is yet little to offer from our competitors; the car manufacturers continue to make cars, the bicycle market stands still and the scooter market has captivated. What else? We have a solution that has been overwhelmed with a lot of positive comments from consumers, Governments, companies and the press…


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