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Written by: NRG Magazine

Smart City Event 2015 was launched on 2nd of June with “smart excursions”. Those were visits to a selection of sustainable urban projects and facilities in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. NRG Magazine joined the attendees on their tour around Amsterdam and witnessed four innovative sights first hand.


Who doesn’t know Tesla, the world’s most notorious electric car? During the first day of the Afbeelding 1Smart City Event 2015, the attendees could choose to visit its Amsterdam service center, which is the largest service center of Tesla in Europe. The Dutch city of Tilburg  also boasts a Tesla assembly plant.

The team of Tesla’s Amsterdam Service Center prepared a presentation for the visitors, elaborating on major points of the company’s development, advantages of their electric car, and future plans of the producer.

At the center, everyone could see how Tesla looks and feels from the inside and also choose to book a test-drive in his/her home country.

Amsterdam Rooftop Solutions

With  the world population growing, why not make the best use of urban space? With this regard, roof tops shall not be overlooked, because they are that extra space which urban dwellers need today; rooftops are especially lucrative Afbeelding 2when it comes to finding places for growing fruits and vegetables to address the impending food crisis, but they are also an excellent solution when it comes to positively changing the look and feel of the city.

Amsterdam Rooftop Solutions focuses on using the empty roof space in a productive manner, in this case the roof was transformed into a garden full of edible plants; one can also find chickens here and soon — a bee house. This building has been empty for 12 years, before its role was finally reconsidered. This September it will fully come to life as an excellent working space for startups and corporations alike, with a restaurant and a club on the top.

The potential for using roof space is enormous. According to Amsterdam Rooftop Solutions, in the Dutch capital alone the available rooftop space is 12 sq. kilometers.


Some might argue that Amsterdam achieved its current fame as a smart city partly because it first established Afbeelding 3itself as an Internet hubspot. The latter is still true today and it brings about the need for efficient data storage solutions.

Attendees of Smart City Event 2015 had a chance to visit one of Europe’s most sustainable data centers operated by EvoSwitch. Like any other data center in the world, it is facing challenges in most every sense, the central one being the need for a constant power supply and the resulting high energy bill. Nevertheless, through continues efforts in sustainability, EvoSwitch managed to secure its data center a carbon-neutral status. Some of the most innovative solutions have been applied, among other aspects, in cooling. Here, EvoSwitch has applied its own cooling technique called Free Cooling: this method uses outside air which has the ideal temperature and humidity thanks to Dutch climate.

The Amsterdam ArenA

The Amsterdam ArenA deserves our attention not only because it’s home to Ajax, Holland’s globally renowned football club. This venue is also at a forefront of urban technological revolution. Situated in the fast growing area of the city and having to regularly handle massive crowds, the venue is taking an effort to ensure that it provides the best experience and safety to its visitors; and its doing this by means of applying some of the most innovative solutions available.

Afbeelding 4Efficient use of resources, smart lighting and cooling, reuse of materials — all of these steps make the ArenA sustainable, but that’s not all. The newly opened Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Centre facilitates the mission of the stadium to become the worldwide leading hub for innovative smart city and smart stadium solutions; importantly, the Centre engages local and global partners to transform the ArenA into the world’s most advanced, profitable and safe “living lab”.

One good example of the the venue’s readiness to embrace innovation is its decision to proceed with LoRa. This is a new type of mobile M2M network connecting so-called low-data devices to the Internet, developed by KPN. Armijn Spreitzer, Director Internet of Things at KPN, stated during the presentation: “KPN expects to reach national coverage with LoRa in 2016, and the Amsterdam ArenA will be the first stadium in The Netherlands to use the LoRa network.” According to him, different application ideas are currently being considered, but the use of LoRa will be aimed at maximizing the visitor’s journey to the stadium and his/her stay there. First connected objects at the Amsterdam ArenA should be expected in the course of the next several months.

Smart City Event

smart-city-event-logo_zonderjaartal1 During this event 800+ smart city professionals from over 30 countries share their vision and knowledge with each other. The event contains keynote speeches, interactive round table sessions, inspiring labs, excursions, dinners, breakfast meetings and lots of networking opportunities the Smart City Event is the place to be. Curious? View the program!

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