Smart City and the Superdiverse Social Space

By: Carl H. D. Steinmetz, Managing Director Expats & Immigrants

Smart Cities are hip in our male dominated society. Males might use hipster expressions, like the ‘Internet of Thinks’ or statements, like seventy percent of the population on earth might live around 2050 in big cities. These expressions are used to predict near future in Smart cities with far-reaching social, demographic, economic and environmental challenges. It seems that the concept of Smart Cities is also dominated by male-oriented businesses, like Google, Facebook, IBM and Cisco with data specialists, developers, innovators etc. These businesses are responsible for the development of intelligent public transport, traffic light systems, parking tools, effective and efficient use of energy, intelligent law enforcement and waste management. The most important slogan of the male dominated metaphor “Smart Cities” is: “we have to implement new technologies.” Males are competition-and female’s relation-oriented people (Fiske, 2011). In this paper we will draw your attention to a more female-relational-orientation, by reflecting on Superdiverse, Cultural Bias, Ethnocentrism, Universalism and the Chicago school model for social life in superdiverse cities that has been coined as a dam-or chessboard model (Soomeren et al., 2015). We will furthermore outline the consequences of this female-relational-orientation for Smart Cities.

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