A sneak preview into the Smart and Safe City Event

During the Smart and Safe City Event (June 7-8 in The Hague), innovative cities from all over the world will exchange their valuable insights and experiences. We give you a sneak preview of Bristol, Antwerp and The Hague.

Care sector – Bristol

Bristol, headed by an independent directly elected mayor, is getting reknown for its development from a city to retire from a fast and hectic life in London, to one of the world’s most progressive cities.

“I see Bristol as a laboratory for urban change”, mayor Ferguson said, some years ago. Innovation, technology and sustainability are part of the city’s ambitions. With the government role shifting to be a facilitator, recent measures are the ‘Bristol is Open’ interactive data generating network which will grow into a city operating system that will dynamically host machine-to-machine communication, allowing the development of a wide range of applications. The city develops new models for living, working and doing business that are about better, more sustainable, more innovative outcomes, for citizens.

How do the care sector and the public space transform as a result? Inspiring experiences and ideas will be shared.

City of Things – Antwerp

The city of Antwerp is developing to be one of Europe’s top smart cities, with digital communications with citizens, digital car plate recognition and open data resources already installed. The city develops a more digital service towards inhabitants, a viable eco system for digital innovation. Meanwhile a fruitful collaboration between the city’s economic partners – harbour, petrochemics and transport – and the new economy is encouraged. Citizens, companies and visitors must all benefit.

One of the projects is called ‘City of Things’, which brings the Internet of Things to the city. It is presented as a one-of-a-kind initiative, connecting 200.000 urban citizens with developers and tech entrepreneurs, through a massive amount of smart devices spread over the city of Antwerp. City of Things consists of both a complete living lab methodology and a technical testbed infrastructure.

Thousands of Antwerp citizens will be connected with numerous innovative solutions that will considerably improve their quality of life – by positively impacting mobility and public safety in the city, among other things. Get a glance at some of these solutions on the Smart and Safe City Event.

Smart The Hague

The Hague is among the most ambitious cities in the Netherlands to be a Smart City – a good reason for hosting this conference. Multiple projects are planned or already active. For example lamp posts on the North Sea Boulevard are equipped with movement and sound sensors, Wi-Fi, cameras and/or charging points for electric vehicles, reducing the total number of street objects.

To boost links between education and the labour market in the ICT sector, a company developed an online talent game with a special emphasis on the telecom and cybersecurity sectors. A Smart Shopping Programme aims to boost shopping areas through the application of new technology.

Several projects make the use of electric cars easier. The municipality of The Hague allows electric-test drivers to lease the electric e-Golf for one year and receive 10,000 km of free power. A ‘social charging app’ allows electric drivers to share charging points.

The Hague authorities also run pilots using mobile devices’ wifi signals for crowd control, security and traffic management. In all these examples, commercial parties, government and citizens coöperate to improve life quality, security and economic wealth. Alderman Saskia Bruines will be among the speakers of the Smart and Safe City event and address the most relevant issues her city enounters.

Smart & Safe City Event

Smart & Safe City 2017The 7th edition of the large scale Smart & Safe City Event on 7 and 8 June offers smart and safe solutions for the city of the future. Delegations from innovative cities all over the world – such as Bristol, Antwerp and the Hague – will exchange insights, experiences and ideas to strengthen sustainability and economic vitality for many urban regions.

Meet 1,000 experts and colleagues, create new ideas and learn from more than 30 practical cases and failures. Some topics:

What will cities look like in 30 years | Safety and security problems | Risk management for Cities in transformation | How to upscale Smart City projects | Successful collaborations | National/regional Smart City strategies

Read more about the Smart & Safe City Event

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