TLV Smart City

Tel Aviv, Israël

The Tel Aviv Smart City Lab, a global centre of excellence in urban innovation. A place where cities, businesses and universities come together to develop solutions to the future needs of our cities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a smart city lab in Israel – to harness the innovative and entrepreneurial power of “the start-up nation” in order to think and create the cities of tomorrow. The lab will be a place where you could feel, see. create, imagine and learn about the technologies that will shape future urban life. apart from a physical space, the lab will operate a strong online presence which will make it accessible to people around the world.

The Smart City Lab will be a place where community, entrepreneurs, academia, local government and international corporations come together to create smarter city solutions – locally and globally.

What we do

Based in the heart of Tel Aviv, our role is to get people working together to solve real challenges faced by real cities right now.

The lab’s goals are:

  • Inspiring and creating technological solutions for the needs of future urban life, on a local and global scale
  • Creating a meeting point for entrepreneurs, academia. local government, international corporations and urban communities to work on smart cities initiatives
  • Raising awareness and promoting the smart city concept
  • Making Tel Aviv a global center for smart city initiatives and connecting the city to global Smart City activity

Because we’re based in Tel Aviv we unlock global markets for Israeli business, and help Israeli businesses create the products and services that cities need around the world.

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