Santander, Spain

The SmartSantander project aims at the creation of an experimental test facility for the research and experimentation of architectures, key enabling technologies, services and applications for the Internet of Things in the context of a city. The envisioned facility is conceived as an essential instrument to achieve the European leadership on key enabling technologies for IoT, and to provide the European research community with a one-and-only platform of its characteristics, suitable for large scale experimentation and evaluation of IoT concepts under real-life conditions.

The project provides a twofold exploitation opportunity. On the one hand, the research community gets benefit from deploying such a unique infrastructure which allows true field experiments. Researcher will be allowed to reserve the required resources within the whole network and for a determined time period in order to run their experiments. On the other hand, different services fitting citizens’ requirements will be deployed. Different from the experiment applications, it will be either the authorities or the service manager/responsible, the ones in charge of determining the cluster of nodes running each service, as well as, the time duration of the aforementioned service.

In order to fulfil all the project requirements, SmartSantander architecture relies on existing components from other platforms, complemented with the corresponding additional building blocks to address the specific singularities of the SmartSantander project. Among the aforementioned platforms, it can be indicated: FP7 Integrated Project SENSEI, FP7 STREP WISEBED, Telco 2.0 Open Platform.

Following SmartSantander, new projects are being carried out using its platform to create new services and increase the city liveability of Santander. Among these projects, EAR-IT [5] (Experimenting Acoustics in Real environments using Innovative Test-beds) focus on the use of acoustic sensing to create new outstanding services. This project aims to reveal the untapped value of audio data, which brings the opportunity to explore new solutions based on acoustical sensor networks to support a myriad set of applications of high social and business value. Just to mention an example, the project research consortium has been doing great steps to estimate traffic density by analysing road sound and noise in a real environment.

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