Path To Zero

The Netherlands

BAS Holding is a technology company focused on developing sustainable energy management solutions for the consumer energy sector. We provide ‘sustainability’ as a service for homes and businesses using our energy efficiency platform the Path To Zero.

path to zero logoThe Path To Zero is already operational in The Netherlands where BAS Nederland develops and executes customized energy investment plans. Complex considerations such as determining budgets, calculating returns, researching subsidies and picking contractors can be overwhelming for anyone considering an energy efficiency project. By integrating all these services into a single technology product, BAS makes it easy for home and small business owners to start saving time, money, and energy today.

BAS is also setting up pilot projects in Germany and Canada as it prepares to scale the Path To Zero globally as a digital platform. This exciting development comes after the Path To Zero won in two categories at the 2014 MIT Climate CoLab Challenge, a global competition focused on addressing climate change. BAS continues to break new ground as it demonstrates the scalability of energy efficiency through a growing number of partnerships with businesses, municipalities, and other organizations across Europe and North America.

Contact person: Nishaant Sangaavi
Organisation: BAS Holding


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