The iCities is designed conceptually based on studies related to the recent issue of Smart Cities in Brasil.

The Hexagon is a geometric figure that establishes the concept of iCities, the project is grounded in six axes, thought up a city view from above and with solutions to the six themes. The iCities understand a smart city as one that connects the impact of entrepreneurship (Startups), Creative Economy, sustainability, clean energy, technology and communication.

To generate knowledge and actions in the Smart Cities segment the iCities promotes since 2012 the International Forum iCities, becoming one of the largest events in Latin America in the segment.

From the dissemination of knowledge emerged in 2014 the Innovation Center iCities, a place where there incubation, acceleration and pre-mentorias startups to develop the impact of entrepreneurship axis in cities. It is a laboratory of ideas that houses and guides the development of startups, stimulates learning experiences and articulates partnerships with public and private, national and international organizations.

The iCities also represents national and international solutions in the Smart Cities segment. In addition to lectures and consultations related to innovation in cities.

iCities International Forum 2015

This year the iCities International Forum 2015 will be at one of the most of emblematic places of Curitiba, at the Lounge Acts of Barigui Park. The park have connections to environmental sustainability, 400.000 m² of lake, bushland and rich fauna.

The forum proposes discussions arising from situations such as the number of people worldwide who live in cities, CO2 emissions, energy consumed in cities and concentration of GDP in metropolis. Our six innovation axes, start-ups, creative economy, energy, communication, sustainability and technology, brings us the nine topics to discuss at this forum: drones, green building, urban wastes, urban mobility, internet of things, augmented reality, start-ups at smart cities, cases of smart cities and renewable energy innovations.

We will bring important personalities to discuss, present ideas, concepts, innovations, solutions and cases geared to the proposed topics at the forum. More than lectures will build a dynamic and interactive environment to attract all the city and show that a more intelligent and innovative Curitiba is being discussed.


Website: www.icities.com.br
Contact person: André Telles
Organisation: iCities

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