Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Eurbanlab, as an European initiative, accelerates systemic innovations to create smart, sustainable cities through providing research based advice that helps improve plans and projects. In doing so, Eurbanlab provides confidence and trust to investors and governments.

The great challenge that Eurbanlab addresses is not proving that new technologies work, but accelerating the implementation of systemic innovations on a larger scale, to achieve low carbon, sustainable and resilient cities. Eurbanlab has developed a methodology to analyze the strong and weak aspects of a plan or project.

This not only takes into account people, planet, and profit, but also the way a project is organized (process). This deals with e.g. finance, business case, stakeholders involvement, governance and convincing local and regional governments. The process usually determines the success of a project. With our analysis, we can recommend improvements for the plan or project, on content and on process. Next to this, we have created a library with over 200 examples of systemic urban innovations from all over Europe. This enables us to inspire you on every subject, from smart financing to the best architects and developers.

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