Currently we are working on the program of the Smart City Event 2017.
If you have any suggestions for speakers or themes, please don’t hesitate to contact Patricia Maas.



Jim Stolze,
Founder TEDx Amsterdam,  Innovation & Technology Expert, Television Presenter RTL Z

Sneak Preview Keynote speakers:

Richard Franken,
Executive Director The Hague Security Delta – Leading European Security Cluster

Peter Schwartz,
American Futurist, Innovator, Author of several books, Co-founder of the Global Business Network, former Vice President Salesforce. Consultant of several movies.

Chase, Robin

Robin Chase,
Transporation Entrepreneur, Co-founder Zipcar, largest car-sharing company and author

James Ehrlich,
Senior Technologist, Stanford University, Founder ReGen Villages

Joan Clos,
Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements

Lamberto Zannier,
Secretary General by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, former Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for UNMIK – Kosovo and Director of the Conflict Prevention Centre