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Beyond Data Event | On the edge

30 March 2017 | Official Host:  

John Jorritsma, Mayor of the City of Eindhoven:

It is our pleasure to announce the next edition of the Beyond Data Event. The 2017 Beyond Data Event will be held on 30 March 2017 in the City of Eindhoven.


The advancements in this dynamic and disruptive market are rapidly developing. The opportunities for businesses, science and authorities are endless. But what’s next? How do we measure results, what is the added value to all stakeholders, how do we put the citizen at the centre of the debate? During the Beyond Data – on the edge – edition inspiring speakers, critical players, strategists and policy makers will take you on a journey to connect data organisations and data users. Not opposite each other, but side by side – albeit on the edge: we can learn from each other, even from our mistakes.


Message from vice-mayor Mary Ann Schreurs:


This edition will see a swift from pilots and trials to real life cases.
We ask cities to come forward with their best practice cases, however small or big, and share them with other cities.

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John Jorritsma
Mayor of the City of Eindhoven, Official Host

Jonathan Reichental
CIO of City Palo Alto

Andrew Collinge
Assistant Director, Greater London Authority


Willy Rovers
CIO Dutch Tax Office, Ministry of Finance (the Netherlands)

Maria Genova
Author of ‘Komt een vrouw bij de h@cker’ & Lecturist on Cyber Crime

Frénk van der Linden

all speakers

And hear frontrunning cases of:

Eindhoven – London – Barcelona – Rotterdam – Ministry of Finance – Bovag – CBS – World Council of City Data – Eurocities and many more!


Clear goals

Open data is no longer without obligations. We want to take it a step further: creating more start-ups, more apps and work more efficient.

Data driven control

We want to put this in motion, together with the cities. Which cities would like to accept this challenge?

Code Fellows

A lot of attention for the Code Fellows concept; they make the difference.

Open data is not just a tool

Not just a tool for transparency and economic profit and innovation. We see new possibilities in cooperation. Not the number of data sets are important, but thinking about how to use data.


More information about the Beyond Data Event?

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Official Host

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At the European Beyond Data Event all the communities and stakeholders from around the world are together to share experiences and enthusiasm, shape innovative ideas and tackle problems. The front running realized cases within Europe, will be up on the stage.