Smart Circle

The Smart Circle

The trend regarding smart technologies which are used for economic, durable and social return of markets has been put in motion.


In order to fully facilitate this, we developed the Smart Circle. A new initiative aimed at all subjects and theme’s regarding smart, technological solutions such as Mobility, Health, Data, Technology, City, Lighting, Renewables.


The Smart Circle’s mission is to bring together a diversity of international stakeholders regarding smart technologies.


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12 May 2014

“Smart health is about how we are going to reinvent our future. All different organizations need to merge their ICT infrastructure into one so they work together in one common organisation. That is the regional alarmcentre for all e-care applications.”

12 May 2014

For me smart cities are cities where people are working on improving the liveability of cities and especially for me as a transform co-ordinator it is about using a huge amount of data to do energy transition.

12 May 2014

As we know, over the next coming years to twenty fifty, about seventy five percent of the world’s population will live in cities. That’s about three percent of the world’s land mass, but yet we use about seventy five percent of all the resources, and against a backdrop of an increasing population, something has to change.”

12 May 2014

You cannot do it only as a government, you have to be involved in what we call the partners, the stakeholders in our triple helix: the government, the entrepreneurs as well as the knowledge institutes, but that’s not enough. We need the end users as well.

12 May 2014

Smarter cities are a great example. Every city already generates huge amounts of information, for many different purposes. But too often that information is lost. It’s time to get smart and start using it.

12 May 2014

“A smart city is in general I would say a city that provides all the services and the quality it’s citizens need. The focus of cities is a bit different nowadays. What citizens need is not only a road or a building any more, it’s also about communication infrastructure.”


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