Smart Circle

The Smart Circle

The trend regarding smart technologies which are used for economic, durable and social return of markets has been put in motion.


In order to fully facilitate this, we developed the Smart Circle. A new initiative aimed at all subjects and theme’s regarding smart, technological solutions such as Mobility, Health, Data, Technology, City, Lighting, Renewables.


The Smart Circle’s mission is to bring together a diversity of international stakeholders regarding smart technologies.



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Smart-Up-125x175Sharing is one of the key ‘ingredients’ in the development of smarter cities. Sharing thoughts and experiences on how cities became the smartest in the world. Sharing knowledge on how projects became such a great success or how our business is becoming more and more efficient in energy savings.

To gather all these innovations and make it more accessible to all smart technology professionals around the world, we created the ‘Smart Up’. An online magazine where you cannot just read all about the latest trends, the smartest hotspots, the newest novelties, but also the place where you can get inspired by the greatest innovators.

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